Descaler Dekal Plus

Descaling your coffee machine will no longer be a problem, and you can keep it running smoothly ensuring the best brew for your coffees and beverages thanks to Dekal Plus.
- Pour half the contents of the bottle into the water reservoir.

- Add water to the maximum level.
- Place the machine in the on mode.
- Place a collection container at the outlet of the coffee dispenser.
- Run the solution through the machine by dispensing several times until the solution is completely depleted.
- Carefully rinse the water tank, fill it with clean water, repeat the previous operation to rinse the parts
- Run 11lt of clean water through.
In case you have a machine equipped with a steam wand, place the collection container under the wand in the open position, without engaging the steam function and proceed as above
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  • Brand DA&Co.
  • Category Altro
  • Ingredients Regolamento CE n. 648/2004, contiene: <5% tensioattivi non ionici. Acido solfammico
  • Intensity 0
  • Net weight 270.00 ml
  • System Accessori


Gimoka Cream Coffee

Gluten-free and lactose-free, Gimoka's coffee creamer is a creamy drink that comes from the combination of high-quality Italian milk from a certified supply chain and coffee from the best origins selected by Gimoka.