1. How can I buy the coffee selections and other products from Caffe.com?

    All selections and products offered by Caffe.com can be purchased on-line at Caffe.com following the procedure, which will accompany you step by step until the order completion, payment and submission to our sales department. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail to info@caffe.com or call-us at(+39) 02 3930 8850.

  2. Do the prices on your website already include VAT?

    Yes, our prices always include VAT.

  3. What payment methods are recommended and considered safe to buy products on Caffe.com?

    The recommended method of payment is by credit card or pre-paid card, but it can also be made by bank transfer. All financial informations requested for the transaction will be sent by encrypted protocol to our partner banks that will provide an electronical payment service at distance, without let third parties having access.

  4. I have a Promotional Code How can I use it?

    The promotional code received with the newsletter can be used to have a discount on the order amount during the payment step. At the checkout,you should insert it into the specific space in order to apply the discount associated with the code.

  5. I'm not usually at home during office hours, can I receive your products directly at my workplace?

    Of course, it is always possible to indicate on the order a delivery address (your office, your neighbors, friends, ...) that can be different from the invoice's address (for example your home address).

  6. We want to realise business gifts, it would be possible to order your coffee selection or products as homages to our employees and coworkers? May you directly deliver them to our customers?

    Gladly we can take care about your customers gifts in all circumstances, not just for Christmas but throughout all the year,even if you want to make special your meetings. Our products can be also a stylish and tasty present after business meeting or company visits.
    We can directly ship all products to your customers or employees address,or, if you prefer,directly ship to your company. Just call us and we will be happy to help you to improve your relationship.

  7. If I will receive a damaged parcel, what should I do?

    If you'll receive visibly damaged parcels by courier, please reject them to the sender and we'll take care about the return and shipping reinstatement.

    If the expedition contains more than one parcel but not all of them are damaged, in this case, please reject only the damaged parcel to the sender signing the forwarder bill with "goods unchecked". Even in this case Caffe.com will collect the return and the replacement of the damaged parcel.

    All shipping costs concerning the damaged parcel are under Caffe.com responsibility.

  8. Do you answer only by email or also by phone?

    Caffe.com Customer Service is always available and we are always happy to have a phone contact with our customers and partners. You can contact us with no obligation at (+39) 02 3930 8850.

  9. I'm a coffee producer or authorized dealer and I would like to cooperate with you as a selected partner, what should I do?
    You can subscribe on our website as "affiliate" by selecting the appropriate category. Depending on the selected type you will choose, you will receive special offers and discounts.

  10. Why should I introduce a friend?

    For each friends you're going to introduce that will confirm the subscription on our website you're going to receive 1 discount spendable coupon in your following orders.

    If the friend you've introduced will place ​​an order,of any amount, you're going to receive an initial 5 euro coupon, 1 euro in following orders.

    Each discounts can be used ONLY for compatible products.

    All discounts can be combined up to a 50% maximum of the total order.

  11. What kind of benefit will receive the friend I've introduced?

    Each friend that will confirm the registration on our website will receive 1 euro discount that can be used on our website and in a further purchase 5 .

    All discounts can be combined up to a 50% maximum of the total order. Each discounts can be used ONLY for compatible products.

  12. I'll obtain a discount by entering the reviews?

    For each reviews that you fill up refers to purchased products you will receive 1 discount spendable on our website and combined up to a maximum of 50% of the order. You are able to review every products on our website in any case.

  13. Other questions.

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by mail info@caffe.com or call-us at (+39) 02 3930 8850.