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The mixture is a rich blend strong and firm, dedicated to all those who want to give an energy boost for the day. Its full flavor and consistent exudes a scent to the nose decided to view it presents a blend of full-bodied with a creamy brown surface. A coffee for those who love strong and persistent aromas.

technical sheet

Generic informations
Store in a dry place at room temperature
Ingredients Roasted and ground coffee. Packaged in a protected atmosphere.
Manufacturer Caffè Bonini S.r.l.
net weighing 7,00 gr

Compatible machines

  • A&G Favola
  • Electrolux Elettrolux Espria Plus Elm3200 Plus
  • Electrolux Éspria
  • Electrolux Favola Cappuccino
  • Electrolux Favola Easy
  • Electrolux Favola Elm 5100
  • Electrolux Favola Elm 5100 + Cappuccinatore
  • Electrolux Favola Plus
  • Electrolux Simpla
  • Lavazza Espressgo
  • Lavazza Jolie
  • Lavazza Minù
  • Lavazza Simpla
  • Saeco Extra
  • Saeco Piccina
  • Saeco Premium


3.99 on 5 stars


see all 37 reviews

il mio preferito
18/11/2016 22:09
Il mio preferito, a pari merito con l'Eccelso

Italian translation
Il mio preferito, a pari merito con l'Eccelso

tra i migliori
18/11/2016 09:48
gusto molto intenso, direi ottimo acquisto

Italian translation
gusto molto intenso, direi ottimo acquisto

22/06/2016 18:17
piace a tutta la famiglia!

Italian translation
piace a tutta la famiglia!

15/04/2016 23:11
Acquistato,con un po di diffidenza, in quanto era in promozione, e che dire, veramente ottimo, avevo già provato gusto classico, ma devo dire che d'ora in avanti prenderò questo aroma.

Italian translation
Purchased with a bit of suspicion, because it was in promotion, and what to say, really good, I had already tried classic taste, but I have to say that d \ 'henceforth take this aroma.

Aroma forte
09/03/2016 16:34
Aroma bello forte di caffè

Italian translation
nice aroma of strong coffee

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