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Caffè Bonini Apple mela

Teas and Infusions Compatible Pods ESE 44mm

Size: 150ml
Advise me as soon as available


The apple is known as a common fruit, full and rich of beneficial substances. Its intense aroma is mainly due to essences on the skins. The additional components such as hibiscus flowers, orange and lemon's rinds enrich the taste of this infusion. A steaming cup, with a fragrant taste in winter, can become also an excellent cold drink, natural and genuine, against the summer heat.

technical sheet

Generic informations
Store in a dry place at room temperature
Manufacturer Caffè Bonini S.r.l.
net weighing 3,80 gr

Compatible machines

  • Ariete Cialdissima Mp10
  • Ariete Cialdissima Mp16
  • Ariete Cialdissima Mp18
  • Ariete Cialdissima Mp20
  • Ariete Konsuelo
  • Ariete Minuetto
  • Ariete Minuetto Professional
  • Ariete Moka Aroma Espresso
  • Bialetti Mokissima
  • Bialetti Mokissima Trio
  • Bialetti Mokona Trio
  • Bialetti Mokona Trio Elettronica
  • Bialetti Mokona Trio Nuova
  • Bialetti Tazzissima
  • Bialetti Tazzissima Trio
  • Bialetti Tazzona Trio
  • DéLonghi Ec 155
  • DéLonghi Ec 200
  • DéLonghi Ec 220
  • DéLonghi Ec 250
  • DéLonghi Ec 410
  • DéLonghi Ec 710
  • DéLonghi Ec 820
  • DéLonghi Ec 850
  • DéLonghi Icona Eco 310
  • Didiesse Frog
  • GAP MAC Carina - Macchina A Cialde Ese
  • Saeco Armonia
  • Saeco Poemia
  • Spinel Esse
  • Spinel Esse Xl
  • Spinel Lola
  • Spinel Lolita
  • Spinel Pinocchio
  • Spinel Rondò Basic
  • Spinel Rondò Matic
  • Spinel Tour


4.6 on 5 stars


see all 5 reviews

19/06/2015 22:56
Buonissima tisana, il gusto della mela in bocca! Buona anche fredda

Italian translation
Delicious tea, the taste of the apple in his mouth! Also good cold

21/07/2014 08:27
Výborný osviežujúci čajík

Italian translation
Very refreshing cajik

12/05/2014 15:17
ottimo the con buon sapore di mela

Italian translation
excellent with the great taste of apple

molto dissetante
10/05/2014 09:15
buona anche fredda molto dissetante

Italian translation
also good cold very refreshing

10/04/2014 10:29
buono sapore ,buona qualita'....

Italian translation
Good taste, good quality \ '....

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