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Decaffeinated - Compatible Coffee Capsules for Lavazza Espresso Point


Coffee compatible with machines Lavazza Espresso Point


Compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point
Caffè Bonini
Blend with the perfect mix between taste and lightness. If you want to enjoy your coffe, but without caffeine, this is the best choice!

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Reviews Decaffeinated - Compatible Coffee Capsules for Lavazza Espresso Point

82 all opinions - average: 3.9
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Really good 28/01/2016 22:10
 Fabio Fiorito, Pozzuoli (NA) you have bought the product on 26/01/2016 17:26
toasted aroma, taste quite decided, not creamy but full-bodied with very dense foam, dark color of the best brands less noble in circulation seems really a \ "real coffee \"

coffee evening 10/08/2015 08:29
 Elena Putetto, Saluzzo (CN) you have bought the product on 22/08/2015 09:45
Tasty and light: not to give up coffee in the evening !!!

Good decaf !!! 14/06/2015 16:05
 Roberto Di Franco, Caccamo (PA) you have bought the product on 13/05/2016 18:48
The palate is a good decaf of course the taste is light ideal for a break in the evening. Almost no full-bodied and the aftertaste, it is a coffee-like but like consistency to that of mocha.

Caffe \ 'decaffeinated 21/05/2015 16:51
 Erik Marangon, Chioggia (VE) you have bought the product on 27/04/2015 21:00
Good coffee \ ', although decaf maintains its taste !!!

Good compromise to enjoy a coffee in more during the day 07/05/2015 17:33
 Giovanni Pracanica, Messina (ME)
Quite creamy, but delicate. It does not seem a decaf, but a regular coffee a little \ 'lighter.

deca 14/01/2015 23:19
 Daniele Ciampini, Massarosa (LU)
does not seem to drink a deca is this is already a good reason to buy it ...

coffee Grandma 04/12/2014 21:39
 DLBNCL75R18G674E, Maddaloni (CE)
ideal for quiet night's sleep, exceptional site

Pleasant deka 16/11/2014 19:12
 Claudio Ferracin,
Those who drink frequently deka find this coffee is not different from that of many more famous brands, subject Illy. Better than many decaffeinated coffee served up in many of the peninsula. Only drawback: lack of creaminess. Price / Quality: Very good shipping fast.

great coffee, light but tasty 11/11/2014 13:43
 MRXKART DI PIACENTINI MASSIMILIANO, 25029 (BS) you have bought the product on 04/03/2016 21:11
Although it is a decaf, the taste is not affected. Very good and tasty as the real coffee.

tasty 05/11/2014 11:45
 Cuce Giuseppina, Asti (AT) you have bought the product on 17/10/2014 13:15
you will not feel the difference between classic ... for those who want to be without caffeine and very good

Decaffeinated 24/10/2014 14:34
 Sisinnio Piga, Villacidro (VS) you have bought the product on 05/12/2014 16:41
Very well. Okay at all hours, taste yummy. Among the best in the market.

dek 11/10/2014 17:30
 Ferminio Fedeli, Rignano flaminio (RM) you have bought the product on 15/04/2016 15:47
I finally satisfied my wife

very well 19/09/2014 09:49
 Elisa Torrigiani, Canino (VT) you have bought the product on 26/02/2016 15:44
For me it is a \ 'good alternative to coffee, you can take even before you go to bed!

decaf 22/08/2014 14:58
 Graziella Forciniti, Mirto crosia (CS) you have bought the product on 25/11/2014 19:35
great coffee

good coffee 22/08/2014 12:06
 Matteo Maitini, Terni (TR)
coffee dec very good, lightweight and ideal for evening

decaffeinated 16/08/2014 21:31
 Ciro Spiniello, Quarrata (PT) you have bought the product on 19/09/2015 13:15
really appreciate. does not seem to taste a deca. BE RECOMMENDED TO ALL Silvana (Quarrata -PT)

Very well! 26/07/2014 12:17
 Iolanda Gisondo, Terlizzi (BA) you have bought the product on 24/07/2014 10:47
I tasted this morning decaf coffee, compared to all the others that I have tasted (bar included), this is by far the best! Not to mention the reliability and speed of the company!

A great decaf. 27/06/2014 19:54
 Gian Paolo Molteni, Massa (MS) you have bought the product on 04/09/2014 13:53
Has not received the 5 stars just because it might be a little more creamy. It might depend on the grind but it could also be that the machine does not heat up enough \ 's water. With the benefit of the doubt: 4.5

Decaffeinated 21/06/2014 17:16
 Elisa Bertaglia, Adria bottrighe (RO) you have bought the product on 18/06/2014 18:02
I would never say that it is great decaf! excellent, the price and fast delivery

Decaffeinated 24/05/2014 10:35
 Eva Antonucci, La spezia (SP) you have bought the product on 27/11/2013 20:05
Obviously it's a decaf coffee if you expect a sublime it is not, but as decaffeinated coffee is a highly respected, drinkable even by those who do not even consider the decaffeinated coffee ;)

excellent 06/05/2014 19:46
 Paolo Canevari, Bereguardo (PV) you have bought the product on 03/11/2014 14:08
Really good, would recommend to all

deca 28/04/2014 18:43
 Enza Iozzia, Piacenza (PC) you have bought the product on 27/11/2013 20:45
great and does not seem decaffeinated

Decaffeinated wonderful! 24/04/2014 15:27
 Patrizio Piraino, Baranzate (MI) you have bought the product on 17/04/2014 19:11
Decaffeinated coffee I've ever tasted as good, congratulations to all the staff for the \ 'accuracy, speed of shipping and delivery in a very short time. Thanks ;-)

for after dinner 22/04/2014 16:04
 Ermanno Heiman, Chiusi (SI)
Good but less full-bodied than Cagliari

Good 12/04/2014 23:02
 c/o Agenzia delle Entrate, La spezia (GE) you have bought the product on 08/01/2016 23:31
It looks great in comparison with those \ "normal \"

slightly acid 07/04/2014 08:50
 Andrea Ius C/o Citt Srl, Vittuone (MI)
The coffee is quite good although it has a slight aftertaste acid

Decaffeinated discrete 29/03/2014 08:30
 Massimo Ricci, Riccione (RN) you have bought the product on 26/02/2016 20:50
Coffee discreet, certainly not as strong or intense taste but leaves a good taste and in the late afternoon or evening is fine.

Decafeinato 22/03/2014 13:52
 TomElectronics srl, San giovanni lupatoto (VR) you have bought the product on 11/12/2015 16:55
I had tasted from a friend and I decided to take very good impeccable Shipping

decaffeinated 20/03/2014 12:47
 Patrizia Casellino, Novara (NO) you have bought the product on 24/02/2014 10:30
good coffee suitable for any time of the day, definitely purchase renewal

great coffee 03/03/2014 18:39
 Maria Madeo, Crosia (CS) you have bought the product on 25/02/2014 21:15
I have tried other decaffeinated but none like this

long live the deca! 23/02/2014 07:44
 Cristina Speciotti, Bologna (BO) you have bought the product on 30/08/2015 10:02
hardly know it's decaf smell great but taste especially good

Extraordinary 15/02/2014 11:56
 Marianna Orlandi, Baranzate (MI) you have bought the product on 24/03/2014 12:42
I purchased for my coffee Lavazza Point "Decaf" and I can say that I found it absolutely amazing, tasty and very refined. Thanks to caffe.com

delicious 10/02/2014 15:03
 Wolters Kluwer Italia srl, Ancona (AN) you have bought the product on 03/02/2014 16:00
as the classic

decafeinato 10/02/2014 10:10
 Maria Diliberto, Cannobio (VB) you have bought the product on 03/02/2014 11:12
It is NOT the first purchase that I have always been satisfied.

Decaffeinated and excellent 08/02/2014 21:05
 Salvatore Grimaldi, Sesto fiorentino (FI) you have bought the product on 20/05/2016 13:49
After that I tried the classic taste, I tried the decaf taste really good and are worth a try

Very Good 08/02/2014 17:51
 Milvia Tosi, Campogalliano (MO) you have bought the product on 06/03/2016 15:54
The taste is soft and very pleasant.

excellent 04/02/2014 17:17
 Mariangela Farano, Bordighera (IM) you have bought the product on 16/05/2016 20:49
very good you are punctual and fast

Excellent 27/01/2014 13:31
 Fernando Antonio Petrenga, Villa di briano (CE)
Coffee good, almost do not feel it's a decaf.

Good 11/01/2014 10:07
 Alessandro Garau, Teulada (CA)
Not overdone but still good

Excellent 30/12/2013 06:31
 Danny Preti, Massa finalese (MO) you have bought the product on 18/12/2013 01:30

Decaffeinated coffee 23/12/2013 14:30
 Raffaele Di Fonzo, Santeramo in colle (BA) you have bought the product on 21/10/2014 22:11
The decaf is as good as the normal one and is lighter. Great alternative at a great price

valued 23/12/2013 11:34
 BERTELETTI SAS, Subiaco (RM) you have bought the product on 11/12/2015 15:53
I do not like this type of coffee but it is very much appreciated by those who use it

Decaffeinated 11/12/2013 14:45
 P.T.A. S.R.L., Fiorenzuola d'arda (PC) you have bought the product on 18/12/2013 09:45
As good as regular coffee.

gianni 05/12/2013 16:25
 Gianni Bugli, San mauro pascoli (FC) you have bought the product on 27/11/2013 15:16

After dinner ... 02/12/2013 08:53
 Matteo Cruciani, Cordignano (TV) you have bought the product on 27/11/2013 15:23
Great coffee very tasty evening and go to sleep that is a pleasure!

great mixture 01/12/2013 10:41
 Michele Abbaticchio, Triggiano (BA) you have bought the product on 22/04/2016 10:36
nice blend, creamy at the right point, it makes you enjoy your coffee at all hours without any problems. Try it.

ornella patricians, brescia 25/11/2013 10:58
 Ornella Patrizi, Poncarale (BS) you have bought the product on 20/11/2013 10:56
excellent quality coffee compliments x.

Decaffeinated 13/11/2013 19:12
 Andrea Latini, Artena (RM) you have bought the product on 17/12/2014 15:02
Decaffeinated very good way inferior to a normal coffee, full-bodied and round. I was very skeptical, I changed my mind

can not distinguish 11/11/2013 17:11
 STUDIO LEGALE ASSOCIATO CLEMENTINI-VILLA, Saronno (VA) you have bought the product on 27/11/2013 15:22
I find that you can not distinguish it from a normlae and coffee so you can drink as many as you want!

a good coffee ' 09/11/2013 11:01
 Francesco Sardo, Collegno (TO) you have bought the product on 25/11/2013 18:11
excellent flavor, creamy, for all hours of the day

Very Good 04/11/2013 09:17
 CAD2000 srl, Bresso (MI)
no caffeine, but taste is perfect, you do not notice the difference.

Absolutely as if it was not 02/11/2013 09:17
 sig., Torino (TO)
Taste and aroma body not dissimilar to full-bodied. I recommend it.

Great coffee 20/10/2013 18:18
 Marco Ferretti, Controguerra (TE) you have bought the product on 01/10/2013 19:59
Great coffee decaffeinated, practically the difference is not noticeable.

Good and pleasant 09/10/2013 22:54
 Di Domenico Simona, Sant'omero (TE) you have bought the product on 27/06/2014 18:01
For real coffee lovers, even at night, this aroma is unique and complete. I recommend it.

wow 05/10/2013 12:10
 Maria Rosa Mollica, Piacenza (PC) you have bought the product on 23/08/2013 12:12
taste and intense aroma really like A family

Good 04/10/2013 09:39
 Davide Martinelli, Milano (MI) you have bought the product on 23/09/2013 16:06
Much appreciated by consumers deka in the family.

excellent 24/09/2013 21:03
 Francesca Sacco, Taranto (TA) you have bought the product on 13/02/2015 17:21
strong and persistent flavor, reliability and on-time deliveries unique and rare.

good coffee 22/09/2013 08:37
 Davide Badolisani, Torino (TO)
I wanted to try this type of coffee really good and recommended to all

Appreciated 18/09/2013 12:20
 Marco Praz, Lissone (MB) you have bought the product on 08/12/2014 14:29
I do not drink personally, but it's always handy to have the capsules of decaf for those who can not stand the caffeine. In the house are running out, so this tells me is appreciated

Very satisfied 17/09/2013 05:40
 Caterina Ranieri, Triggiano (BA) you have bought the product on 09/09/2013 14:38
Very satisfied. Great coffee for those who, like me, does not give up a cup every night.

does not make you squirt 16/08/2013 16:18
 Renato Collovati, Milano (MI) you have bought the product on 11/09/2015 11:23
good coffee but not creamy, but still okay

good 30/07/2013 12:59
 Maurizio Zemolin, Villa vicentina (UD) you have bought the product on 22/12/2013 20:34
good but the best Lavazza

delicato 29/07/2013 18:32
 Werner Forkel, Eichenau (EE) you have bought the product on 25/06/2013 14:25

DEKA 26/07/2013 21:17
 Maria Anna Forino, Fabbrico (RE) you have bought the product on 31/01/2014 21:36
excellent as decaf! the best so far among the various brands tested. very competitive price.

very good 11/06/2013 15:13
 acconciature giusy, Asti (AT) you have bought the product on 04/05/2013 13:52
good taste to be a decaf, for an after-dinner without exciting is very good, better than those of some mixes bar!

Pleasant 04/06/2013 22:24
 Luca Picardi, San giuliano terme - arena metato (PI) you have bought the product on 28/03/2014 15:00
Suitable for every night or for many who drinks it. Light but not disappointing. Nothing to envy to the original. If we consider also saving (and I'll bring home).

Good coffee 31/05/2013 09:29
 Anna Pesarin, Villa bartolomea (VR) you have bought the product on 23/05/2013 09:10
coffee of good quality, fast shipping.

"Deca" 05/04/2013 11:02
 Roberto Magnani, Ravenna (RA) you have bought the product on 03/05/2014 12:03
if you make your wife happy then ok, perfect after dinner

great for evening coffee 25/03/2013 14:38
 Angelo Francavilla, Roma (RM) you have bought the product on 14/07/2014 16:35
Decaffeinated pleasant taste and delivery in line with the times and effectiveness!

deca 22/03/2013 09:09
 Luca Somà, Savona (SV) you have bought the product on 28/04/2014 16:26
fast delivery, good product

Deca 15/03/2013 23:38
 Marcello Timinti, Calenzano (FI)
Fast delivery and good product

DECAFFEINATO 12/03/2013 10:44
 Manuela Bergamaschi, Novara (NO) you have bought the product on 27/02/2015 10:07
Great coffee, nice taste. Fast and efficient delivery!

Great coffee 22/02/2013 15:39
 Paolo Cantonetti, Montecatini terme c/o caserma carabinieri (PT)
I purchased this product 2 times and I find it very light and not binding on the nervous system :-) Also excellent delivery service.

tasty 15/02/2013 16:34
 Giulia Timitilli, Monteroni d'arbia (SI)
delicious, light but with taste! High quality 'price! Shipping efficientisima ...

For those who will not give up coffee evening. 11/02/2013 11:10
 Mauro Lancellotti, Sant'omero (TE) you have bought the product on 15/06/2013 10:50
Pleasant aroma, almost every evening you can enjoy a good "deka", so since you have to make many sacrifices already .... at least that there we can give!

Good at all hours of the day 14/01/2013 17:17
 Roberto Tafuri, Reggio emilia (RE)
For those who love the delicate taste, this coffee is perfect for a break at any time of day.

coffee evening 05/12/2012 13:54
 Ermanno Heiman, 53043 (SI)
far too light for my taste but the price and 'good.

Great price mha: ..... 20/10/2012 00:34
 Giacomo Fantoni, Thiesi (SS)
Having already tried the Lavazza Dek, it is natural un'pò remain disappointed by the fact that coffee is a perfect light for the evening but its too strong aromatic aftertaste quite persistent, perhaps not suited to roasting my palato.Credo spend more for the original Lavazza; much better!

an excellent decaffeinated 05/10/2012 13:51
 Mario Colucci, Gassino (TO)
a decaffeinated coffee that makes you forget the taste of a regular coffee

Coffee evening 24/08/2012 08:57
 Gemma Palandrani, Porto tolle (RO)
Great coffee for the evening, light and tasty

my coffee in the evening 05/08/2012 23:28
 Doriana De Simone, Casaleggio (NO)
you can not give up coffee in the evening, but only the word decaffeinated many prefer to give up. the waffle maker Bonini deka drink it in the evening, without sacrificing the taste of good coffee!

Worshipful 16/07/2012 13:16
 Daniele Alfonsi, Grotte di castro (VT)
After my first purchase (made from ebay) I have known the site, By registering and make my second order; Coffee is great. It 'was a real surprise to meet you thanks :)

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