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Капсула Оригинални Drinks Ginseng

Капсула Оригинални Drinks Lavazza Blue

интензивност :
Покана на питие сладък вкус и неповторим и златен каймак. Разтворим напитка, леко подсладено, ароматизирани кафе и женшен
Обща информация
Да се ​​съхранява на сухо място при стайна температура
производител Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.
Нето тегло единица 7,00 gr

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Our committment together with our passion for coffee and careful market analysis allowed us to commercialize produts at very competitive prices, by guaranteering quality, excellent service and delivery on time. For our products we use the best coffee beans mixtures, trying to meet throughout consumers's taste. In order to obtain these high quality standards, the owners supervise personally every production steps, so that we can always offer the best products to our costumers

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